About Me ! Q&A

      Hi ! I am Krystal and I am a 1,0000% art geek. Welcome to my blog :) I am a lover of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ART. I am an art journaler, patinter, crafter, writer(mainly poetry), and just an all around art lover ! Here are some little facts that I thought I share with you to more about me. I'll be updating this from time to time if I ever get any more questions about me or about my art.

1. Why did you decide to art journal ?

I art journal mainly because it helps me express my feelings and thoughts. Since a young age I have always kept some sort of dairy but have never really put an art twist to it until I came across a magazine one day while at the bookstore, that talked about art journaling. I flipped through the magazine and I was immediately hooked in and as they say the rest is history, lol.

2. What type of art supplies do you use when creating art ?

I pretty much use anything that I see is interesting and what gives me inspiration to use in my art. Some of the materials I may use are but not limited to:
-markers(Sharpie paint markers are my all time fav to use and perfect for art journaling)
-pens(I like the gel pens as well as the regular ball point pens, great fo journaling !)
-watercolor and acrylic paints
-found papers(reciptes, take menus, srcap book papers, notebook paper, etc.)
-different types of emphera(silk flowers, stickers, cut out shapes and letters, etc.)
and lots other materials that are too many to name, lol !

3. Where do you get your inspiration from ?

For the most part I get my inspiration from books I may be reading, things I may see online such as other artist and seeing what they create and do, and from everyday life.

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