Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Day at the Museum

Hello everyone :) !!!!!! So this past weekend I had the chance to take a little field trip down to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Let me just say that I absolutely love, love, love this museum, it's one of my favorite places to go. I had a chance to check out this really cool video installation that was done by the artist soda_jerk(you can up look more info about them just Google soda_jerk), which was entitled After the Rainbow. It depicts various scenes from the movie The Wizard of Oz which stars Judy Garland and other movies that she has done. What I liked about this installation was that it told a story but it was like it was done in Photoshop(if you could understand, lol), that bits and pieces were put together to create this awesome story. I also checked out some other exhibits(sorry I could not take pictures as it was not allowed :( ) and some caught my eye, and some kind of left me like, "what ??", lol ! But in all I had a pretty great time. I also picked up this really great book, which is actually a diary by artist Frida Khalo(which I LOVE her work !!) that I thought looked soooooooo interesting, and it gave me ideas about my own art :) Well that's all for now, much love XOXOXOXO :) !

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