Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Hearts Page

Hello all !!!! So sorry for my absence on blog land. Last month was a crazy and busy one for me, that I didn't have time to post anything let alone create. But that creative voice in my head keep calling me and calling me, and I had to give in to it, lol ! So here you have it ! I basically did like spray ink technique for the page with a little bit of collage for the hearts, which I actually cut the hearts out from a previous project that I did a while back. I just decided to cut them out and stick them on the side(which came out really pretty if I say so myself, lol). Then I took my brand new label maker and just made this little saying to go along with the page, which worked out pretty well with it. I really like how this page turned out, and I love the hearts on the side(good choice Krystal, lol). I did this page in my sektchbook journal which is still a little ways from being complete but I'm getting there slowly ! Well that's all for now, until next time !

                                                 Have a great weekend, muhhhh :) !

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