Monday, January 27, 2014

New Art Journal Pages(two spread!!!)

   Hi guys ! I just wanted to do a quick little post before I head off to bed because I am not feeling too well(terrible sinus headache, uggg !) I did these pages a few days ago, just having some fun and experimenting a little with magazine images and words and came up with these two lovely pages ! This about my second time using magazine images in my journaling and so far I have to say that I love it !!!!!!! :) The page on the left I may go back do some journaling around it, I am thinking of making up a little story or just do some random journaling, we'll see :) The secomd page I may do some jounaling inside the hearts(how cool would that look, lol !) and maybe randomly around the page. I am working on some ideas for a new journaling project that I am doing for next month, in the spirit of Valentines's Day ( I am going to have a heart coma once I am done with it, lol !!!!!) so stay tuned for that ! Well that's all for now, I am off to bed now to rest my aching head. Much Love, XOXO

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