Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Night Art and New Journal !!!!!!

A while back while crusing the craft store I saw this mix medi paper pad that caught my eye. I had never really heard of this type of paper before and from what I read on the front of the pad it's good for wet and dry media. Snice I work with wet and dry media, and snice I was looking for paper that can take mix media "abuse" I figured I give it  try. So for this post I did two experimental peices just to see how the paper would hold up and I have come to a conclusion........

These are just two experiment peices that I did, nothing really fancy just some painting with some acrylics and black india ink, while the secomd one I used some chalk pastels, covered the page with matte finish mod podge, and did some stamping over the top. Now that I know what I can do with this paper I can create some pretty interesting journal pages with it, in which I can put into my brand new journal that was delivered a few days ago :)

This is a new clean up page that I started as well on canvas paper. Can't wait to see how this will turn out ! :)
Take care and have a great weekend !
XOXO, Creative Diva