Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year = New Art

 Happy New Year everyone !!!!!! I hope you guys had a safe and enjoyable holiday. I am starting off the New Year with some new artwork that is apart of a current art journal that I am working on. This particular journal is somewhat personal, it's an art therapy journal(which is the career field that I want to get into after school), in which I create pages just based on whats on my mind, my mood, my day, and my overall emotions. These are just some of the few pages that I have done.

 This is sort of a journaling block pages, which I haven't written any thing on it yet. I created this using India ink and some slik flowers I just placed on lower corner, down the side, and one at the top.


For this page I created just some hearts in purple and a light green all over the page and colored in the background using a two-tone effect, and wrote the word "Love" in the middle. This page was done using oil pastels, which is one of my favorite mediums to use in my work.

Lastly, this is just a drawing of a girl that I did using chalk pastels, and then in which I took some Mod Poge and painted over the drawing with it just to seal it so the chalk won't smudge. I love how it changes the look and feel of the drawing giving it a shiny smooth finish to it. Another thing I discovered when using the Mod Podge the colors of the chalk tend to blend together creating a greater effect of the drawing.

These are not apart of the art therapy journal but I thought I share these as well. These are pages I created using the clean up paper for when I do my art journal pages and other projects and I may smear paint on the paper or use it to clean my brushes or things like that. I cut the paper up into fours, took some pastels, paint markers, and stamps to create these leftover pieces. I love how they all came out. I may use these pages in my homemade smash book/journal which I will be starting soon, so more details on that coming later :) ! Until I hope you enjoyed this post, keep creating, and I will talk to you soon

Much Love :) !!