Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Journal Flip Through(The Love Journal)

Hi creative people ! I know it's been a long time snice I have posted anything but school has got me so busy. I finally have finished my very first art journal(yayyy!!)! I feel so proud of myself for accomplishing this that I am aready thinking about what to do for the next art journal, lol. Thi is just a flip through of the pages, so you can see how I created them and what my process was. You noticed that I did not decorate the front of the journal, mainly because I did not have a clue on how to decorate it(lol) and secondly I just wanted to leave it plain at least for this first journal. The next journal I am going to do I will decorate the front of it. That's about it, so I hope you enjoy the journal and stay tuned for more artwork that I will be posting later on. I will talk to you lovely creative people later :)

Creative Diva