Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Journal Flip Through(The Love Journal)

Hi creative people ! I know it's been a long time snice I have posted anything but school has got me so busy. I finally have finished my very first art journal(yayyy!!)! I feel so proud of myself for accomplishing this that I am aready thinking about what to do for the next art journal, lol. Thi is just a flip through of the pages, so you can see how I created them and what my process was. You noticed that I did not decorate the front of the journal, mainly because I did not have a clue on how to decorate it(lol) and secondly I just wanted to leave it plain at least for this first journal. The next journal I am going to do I will decorate the front of it. That's about it, so I hope you enjoy the journal and stay tuned for more artwork that I will be posting later on. I will talk to you lovely creative people later :)

Creative Diva

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Art

Hello artsy people !
   Today I spent a good majority of the day creating pages in my art journal and creating two graffiti style peices as well. For thses peices I again used the india ink to draw the hearts and to help bring them out( I am so loving the india ink, lol !). I have not started actually writing in my journal yet but I plan to do that once I finish the book completly. I'll post pictures of the writing and doodling that I am going to do in the journal so you can see the journal in it's "complete form" after it's done. So until then keep creating :) !

  Creative Diva

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Artworks(part II)

 Hello creative people !
  As promised here are the pictures of part II of my summer artworks. For this I decided to do some work in my art journal which consit of a watercolor pad. This is actually my first ever art journal(yay !!!) that I am still currently working on, and so far it's turning out really great ! I experimented a little with using india ink and some glitter glue that I smeared randomly all over the pages, using some black and white photocopies to accent the page a little, and using a rubber stamp with fancy writing to finish off the page. I feel very proud of myself and I am so loving how this journal is turning out :) ! I hope you enjoy the photos and until next time, take care and stay creative !

  Creative Diva

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Artworks(part 1)

     I know it's been a while snice I have posted(sorry for that !) but here are just some recent things that I have been working on this summer. A heart poster collage, one of my girly girl mix media paintings(with her purple hoops on, lol ), my patchwork colleges with india ink drawing on the top(a flower half, a girly girl drawing, and a heart with "love" written on the bottom), some painted backgrounds of hearts, and pages from my new portfolio(so excited about this !!!!).  What are some of your summer artworks ? I love to see what your working on :) !

  Have a great day ! Stay tuned for part 2 :) !

 Creative Diva

Sunday, May 13, 2012

  Hi creative and beautiful people !

      Here are the very first pages of my art journal that I am currently working on. For right now I am just experimenting with the whole art journaling process just to get the feel and the hang of it. I am still in the beginners stage, but I am coming along good so far. I'll post more pictures soon ! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here is another peice that I am working on for my art class. It's not quite finished yet, I am planning to turn it into a visual journal painting. Hope you enjoy :) !