Monday, November 14, 2011

MOMA: Tim Burton

Let's Talk About....Tim Burton(online art exhibit)

For my first Let's Talk About post( the link to the site is above this post), I had a chance to visit an online exhibit that features the work of artist, writer, director, illustrator, and photographer Tim Burton. His work is being exhibit in the Museum of Moderan Art located in New York. His work included drawings and sketches that he did at a young age that depicts humor and interest in things that are outside of the box and unordinary. Burton also created a few collage pieces, paintings, giant size photographs, sculptures, cartoon drawings, story boards, a he talks about films that he has written and directed, and also some creative writing he has done.

I thought this exhibit was very interesting and this was actually my first time ever viewing Tim Burton's work. I like how the layout of the site was done with the music playing in the background and the staircase. I also like how Burton's artwork is "outside of the box" and he create work that is unique, quirky, and fun. He is an inspiration for me and my artwork because I love to create artwork that is unique and represents me and who I am, and Burton shows this in his work 100 %.