Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Creative Diva 29: Let's Talk About.........(new blog "series")

The Creative Diva 29: Let's Talk About.........(new blog "series")

Let's Talk About.........(new blog "series")

Hello creative people !

You guys already know me as Creative Diva 29 and you are also aware that I am a full time college student. Well this semester I am taking a graphic design course(which I love by the way) and for the next couple of weeks I am going to be doing something a little different in my blog post. As part of my class assignment for my course I will be posting a series of post that I like to call "Let's Talk About". These post are going to pertain to issues that have an impact on the younger generation socially, economically, and or environmentally. Along the way I am going to also share with you online art exhibitions and post things that I think are of some interest and worth taking a look at. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and "Let's Talk:".

Creative Diva

P.S. This is a self portrait that I created in photoshop, as one of the assignments in my graphic design course. I feel very proud of myself about this piece considering that this is my first photoshop project that I have ever done.