Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upcomings for the New Year !!!

Hey everyone, Happy New Year ! I hope that you had a safe and fun holiday. I just wanted to let you know of some upcoming projects that I have planned to do for the year that I will be posting onto my blog. The first project is(I am really excited about this) I will be starting my first ever art journal. I have decided to try out art journaling and see where it takes me. So you get to see my process and the different techniques that I will be doing. Next, I am starting a new batch of paper designs that I will using in my collages and journaling, so stay tuned for that, and last but not least, I will be doing something different this year. I will be working on a self portrait series and also using some of my glamor girl images in the series as well. For this series I will using a combination if things like Photoshop, collage, painting, and journaling. So get ready for fresh new exciting works of art from yours truly !